Jul 2019
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CentricMinds for the Digital Workplace

Remote - work anywhere. A complete solution for digital-first organizations

Keep up to pace with the future of work. Organizational success now depends on leveraging and integrating the right technologies to unlock the productivity of diverse teams. And that means implementing and growing a digital workplace.

Will you be a digital revolutionary, or a digital laggard?

In a study by Aruba Networks, 73% of employees of digital revolutionary organizations who had invested in digital tech over the past 12 months reported increased productivity, as opposed to 51% employees of digital laggards who had also invested in new tech.

What does it take to become a revolutionary? A strategic digital workplace.

What is the digital workplace?

The digital workplace is an online space where work and organizational content is unified across devices, locations, and people - unencumbered by aging systems and tricky workflows. A place that allows collaboration and communication that’s intuitive, scalable, and always available, with security at the forefront.

“The digital workplace encompasses all the technologies people use to get work done in today’s workplace – both operational technologies and technologies yet to be implemented. It ranges from your HR applications and core business applications to email, instant messaging and enterprise social media tools and virtual meeting tools.” - The digital workplace: Think, share, do, Deloitte.

Unified data and automation between applications

Up until now, organizations have worked with a disparate range of applications and technology solutions to achieve work goals. Think in terms of your email application, your MS Office suite, timesheet applications, and instant messaging solution.

The digital workplace is about bringing separate applications together in one place - and it’s not the desktop. It’s about creating an environment where there is continuity between applications in terms of user experience, so applications don’t ‘feel’ so separate to the user.

Not only is it a place where applications exist side-by-side and feel unified, behind the scenes, there is a lot more going on to share data between these applications for enhanced productivity.

With newer software products and systems, there’s a move towards freeing data, rather than trapping it in siloed systems. This is where unified data solutions (central data repositories, or inbuilt links to original data rather than copies) and automation (workflows) come in.

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 41% of respondents “say they are using automation extensively or across multiple functions.” Are you in that 41%?

Workflow automation tools like Zapier allow you to “connect the dots” between applications, creating custom workflows, for instance, getting Slack notifications for new Salesforce leads. Within the CentricMinds platform we have our own workflow engine that allows non-technical users to create in-platform productivity workflows - which can even hook up to Zapier (integrated with CentricMinds) for use with external software. These automations can be rolled out at both the user or organizational level.

Collaborative workspaces that feel like social media

Team collaboration from the CentricMinds platform means quickly sharing files, checking documents in or out, tagging others, commenting, or even creating custom workflows to enhance productivity.

Collaborative workspaces that give an excellent digital experience, that are intuitive to use and provide personalized content and services, make your employees happier, more productive, and more willing to use these systems.

CentricMinds intranet software surfaces the files and data each team member needs at the right moment. Plus, the platform enables fluid team communication with an inbuilt social network that’s a pleasure to use.

You can use Google’s HEART framework (Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task Success) to track your systems’ success and drive improvements - make sure to benchmark your current systems first!

Cloud-based for an always-on environment

Work within the one system, with the whole team, plus external players, from any location.

Our cloud-based solution means everything is at your fingertips at any time.

You have the option to be fully cloud-based, with our preferred providers AWS or Azure, or have a hybrid-cloud or onsite implementation if you’d prefer. With a fully cloud-hosted implementation, this generally ensures higher availability and scalability, and better security.

Work your way from anywhere

Technology has changed the way in which we communicate and collaborate, and your workspaces need to keep up. CentricMinds is available via web browsers and native iOS and Android mobile apps. Let your team work comfortably from anywhere.

In a 2018 Samsung-commissioned study by Oxford Economics, “Nearly 80% of survey respondents say employees cannot do their jobs effectively without a mobile phone, and three-quarters say mobile devices are essential to workflows.”

With an increasingly mobile-reliant workforce, it’s crucial to have technology in place that allows employees to work smoothly across devices, whether it’s mobile, laptop, or desktop.

As an added benefit, this allows upwards mobility in the form of catering for partly remote, or even fully remote teams, as we reported on previously in our article on The Increasing Role of Mobile in the Digital Workplace.

Let your employees work when and where they want to - from any device. Highlight your spot in the talent marketplace by going mobile-first.

Security for data safety and control

Utilizing Single Sign-On, choose user groups and security levels to ensure the right data is seen by the right people. By selecting what resources are available to which users and groups, you ensure that you have information only on a need to know basis. Does your customer service team need to know what’s going on behind the scenes in accounting? Absolutely not.

As for the security of your organizational data itself, you can rely on secure cloud hosting from industry leaders Amazon or Microsoft, or choose a hybrid cloud approach.

Integrations with industry-leading Apps + API

Work fluidly with the apps you already use.

CentricMinds supports native integration with Office 365 (+SharePoint), Salesforce,GSuite, Slack, Dropbox, DocuSign, Zapier and more. Our API allows organizations to build custom integrations with other apps onto the platform, or ask us to build one for you.

Try our Intranet Software for yourself

Work without boundaries. Take a look at our video library to see the CentricMinds platform in action, or start our 14 day free trial. Contact us about how we can help you build your dream digital workplace.