What is the Best Intranet Software For Your Company in 2020?

May 2020
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A modern, smart, and easy to use Intranet is within your reach. These solutions allow a customized, scalable, centralized portal for your team to do work, share information and media, communicate, complete training, give timely feedback, and collaborate more generally.

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A modern, smart, and easy to use Intranet is within your reach. These solutions allow a customized, scalable, centralized portal for your team to do work, share information and media, communicate, complete training, give timely feedback, and collaborate more generally.

No longer does Intranet software need to be administrated by your technical team. Now they’re able to be added to, organized, evolved, and grown via your admin staff, HR, communications professionals, and general employees. With the right security permissions and user identity management in place, a modern Intranet is easy to edit and be accessible by your team from wherever they are - working from home, or back in the office.

By getting it right with the best Intranet Software in 2020, you’re able to roll out a solution that will last for years to come, and become cornerstone software within your digital transformation.

How work has changed in 2020

In 2020, working from home has become an essential part of our lifestyles, due to the global lockdown restricting movement. However, for many employees, while this has required a large shift in practices, it has been one for the better.

According to a study of US employees by GetAbstract, compared to before COVID-19, almost 43% of respondents said they wished to work more remotely than before.

With remote work not only being essential in 2020, but desirable as an ongoing way of working for employees, organizations need to have modern digital software in place to support this remote experience.

This means not only having online access to software used at work, but clever comms practices, highly organized document management structures, security and personalization via identity management, built-in automations for faster workflows, and deep integration with your most-used applications. The option to be able to take this solution on the road via mobile is also critical for those who may be unable to reach their laptop. And it can all be done with the best Intranet software.

The essential elements of the best Intranet software

Simple, effective internal communications

Internal communications are the ‘push’ comms that go out to your workforce. While typically these have been in the form of employee email newsletters or fragmented instant messaging, it’s very easy to simply not click to open an email - and so your carefully crafted (and important) communication goes unread.  

By using an effective Intranet, you can highlight particular communications pieces, ensuring they are front and top of the page for when employees open up their browser. With a carousel of top communications pieces (and even pieces targeted at particular user groups), you’ll be able to almost guarantee eyes-on news pieces.

Personalized employee experience

Like regular websites and social media, modern Intranet solutions can be tailored to particular audiences - and even down to particular employees. By grouping users into categories with identity management, such as HR, management, sales, etc., you’re able to provide different views of your internal Intranet that are relevant to the given audience.

This means that you can provide links to your CRM for sales professionals on the homepage, access to HR data in a left-hand tab for your HR team, and employee evaluation forms for management under a management environment. By separating functions out, you’re able to only show what is relevant to each user.

Superior document management

Document management is one area of corporate life that can be a complete mess. If you are used to a simple Windows file management system, perhaps with a few administrative user blocks, and across multiple different file systems, then you’ll know that it can be quite difficult for users to navigate to find what they want.

Modern document management is a structured file system all in the one place. This secure storage will offer full version history of documents, check-in/check-out to ensure currency of content, commenting, tagging and last changes. Again, identity management can be used to restrict access. Search will be swift and simple, unlike Windows search, but with Office 365 integration a necessity.

Process automation

Perhaps one of the wonders of the modern working world is the ability to easily build process automation into regular work activities, all without programming a line of code. With the right Intranet solution, you’re able to route forms for approvals, set scheduled content publishing to the Intranet to go out at just the right time, trigger events when a document is labeled with a tag, or deliver documents to people outside of the organization securely.

By using simple process automation workflows, anyone in the organization - not just technical users - can set up these types of automated processes that eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and the errors involved in the manual handling process.

Third-party integrations

No Intranet solution would be useful without deep integration into the systems you already use. For a majority of businesses, this means at the very least integration with Office 365 & SharePoint. However, you can go beyond this with integrations with other well-known productivity helpers, such as Salesforce, Docusign, G Suite, Dropbox, Box, Slack, Trello, Zapier and more.

An Intranet solution that looks out for their customers will have an API that means you’re able to build out any other integration you might need. They will also be amenable to taking on suggestions for new integrations, or offering to build them for a fee or via another service provider.

G2 Crowd recently named CentricMinds as a High Performer for Employee Intranets

At CentricMinds, we don’t just talk the talk. We have recently been named a High Performer in G2 Crowd's Employee Intranets category for Spring 2020.

What does this mean exactly? Well, crowdsourced evaluations by organizations that have used our software rate us highly in customer satisfaction across:

  • Quality of Support (96%)
  • Ease of Use (96%)
  • Meets Requirements (95%)
  • Ease of Admin (91%)
  • Ease of Doing Business With (97%)
  • Ease of Setup (93%)

These are all significantly higher than average scores versus other competitive Intranet solutions. We’re proud to have earned this title that puts us up there in the mix as the best Intranet Software for your company in 2020.

CentricMinds also comes with enterprise social media, workspaces for working groups, user profiles, event management, push notifications, and more.