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Solutions for workflow automation to tasks, file storage, sharing, communication tools, and more — CentricMinds unites information to get everyone talking and working together.

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Finding it hard to stay productive - too many tools, manual tasks & scattered information

Put CentricMinds to work. A full stack of powerful and easy-to-use tools, to bridge the gap between your information and communication silos.

Too many business processes still on paper? Get up to speed with fast solutions.

Let CentricMinds transform your business from analog to digital using paperless forms, signatures, and approvals to drive efficiency across your business.

How do you get everyone to see what needs to be seen? It's time to get their attention.

Create comms - that get seen and read. Send alerts and notifications, share ideas in discussion channels and keep your frontline teams in sync. Yes, you can - with CentricMinds.

Introducing the Can’t find that file to share? End the frustration. CentricMinds Document Management System

Find files and make file sharing easy using our file management system to end the hunt. Upgrade your workflow to the CentricMinds Drive today!

Your Frontline & On site Teams struggle to share information and report on tasks. Email's over. Collaboration's here.

Delegate time sensitive tasks and track completion. Connect your workforce with secure messaging, documents and discussions. Turn mobile into a game changer for your people and business.

CentricMinds - the easy way to manage content and automate business

The CentricMinds workplace productivity software enables teams to engage and communicate together, automate business processes, centralize file management with easy file sharing, capture signatures and switch seamlessly between applications.

Get to your goals faster. Streamline your manual and paper based processes with workflow automation.

Eliminate manual tasks. Turn paper processes to paperless with no code forms and workflow automation. Streamline and automate business request and approval processes.

Easy to use document management & file sharing for your team. Unify files in a single place, so everyone can focus on what’s important.

Get instant access to all your files and cloud content in one place. Find files with Smart Tags - discover documents, even if you don't know exactly what they're called.

Employee App — connects your frontline workforce. Save time, automate tasks and accelerate onboarding.

With integrated chat and file sharing, task automation, and seamless communication with teams, all from the phone your employees already carry in their pocket every day. 

Improve your communications. Empower your team with collaborative knowledge sharing and communication.

Get everyone on the same page. Share news, accelerate onboarding with checklists and content that build skills. Use knowledge wikis to solve problems.

Save time and cut costs. 20% Improvement in productivity.

Organizations using CentricMinds report up to a 20% improvement in productivity. Using the e-signature solution enabled them to reduce processing and other software costs by 75%.

File Sharing & Management

CentricMinds Drive saves us so much time! It cuts out all steps it used to take finding and collecting files for our audit. CentricMinds Drive gives us a central place to store our valuable knowledge.

Improved user experiences
Efficient, accurate and easy to use
Head of Operations in HealthCare
Read Sonic HealthPlus use case

Team Communications

CentricMinds Workspace improved our productivity and communications. We transformed the way team members published operational content to selected audiences.

Boast team communication and collaboration
Reduce the complexity of publishing content
Process Store Support Manager
Read KiT. Kmart's Intranet use case

High Performer Employee Intranet

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in Intranet Software and a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers.

G2 High Performer Mid-Market Winter 2022
G2 High Performer Asia Pacific Winter 2022

CentricMinds - all the digital tools you need to boost productivity in your workplace

Efficiently manage work

Improve productivity by connecting employees with content & files they need

Cut Costs and Save time

Automate task and service processes with forms, workflows

Connected & engaged workplace

With Next Gen Intranet, Employee App and Communication Channels

Task management, digital forms, eSignature and more

Create and assign tasks, complete a form and sign it from anywhere

We're here to help you. Always

Backed by a high-quality dedicated customer support team. We're here to answer your questions.

Integrations to give you the power you need

Frictionless data flows between your favorite cloud apps – Google Workspace, Salesforce, Office 365 and more.

Want to boost productivity and smooth out everyone's information flow

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